Vancouver & Squamish, Canada

Another quick visit to Vancouver:

Ate some delicious Thanksgiving cooking made by my in-laws.


Did some trad climbing, now that I have learnt how to. We totally lucked out with the weather as it was warm and sunny. We climbed at Smoke Bluffs due to ease of access and  attempted to climb the Entire Chief via Butt Lite but was foiled due to slow parties ahead of us.

Not sure if I am a fan of Squamish style run out slab climbing.
A lovely 5.10b called “Jabberwocky”
Another lovely crack “Memorial Crack 5.9”
Slab slab slab at Smoke Bluffs. 

Went hiking. This hike is called “Eagle Bluffs” hike up by Cyrpess mountain. Stunning views over Vancouver.

Many lakes to see on Cypress Mountain before the snow starts
A curious little chipmunk at Eagle Bluffs.
The weather was pretty stellar.

Waking up at 5am to queue for the Arcteryx warehouse sale that started at 9am. Apparently this strategy worked as the queue stretched 500 deep.


3 hours of queuing to get first dibs at the Arcteryx sale. It was worth it after this lined formed.


And ate a lot of food and drank craft beers.

This visit made me miss Vancouver a lot , I think it was mostly due to the gorgeous weather we got.


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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