Busan, Korea

I enjoyed Korea so much after our Jeju trip, I immediately booked a flight to Busan for a weekend in December. Shortly before we were to go, I saw on “27 crags” that there was quite a bit of bouldering in Busan without needing to rent a car, so I decided to message the “Busan Climbers” Facebook group to see if anyone could provide beta  or would like to join us to boulder at the nearby crags. Almost immediately some climbers invited us to join them and instead of sightseeing by ourselves , we spent our entire two days climbing, bouldering and making new friends !

On the first day, we landed at the airport at 6:30am and by 8am we were picked up from the airport and whisked away to CheonTaeSan crag. The scenery was quite nice, reminding me of Wye’s Creek in Queenstown, New Zealand. The climbs had a good range from 5.10-5.13 so it was a good crag for our hard projecting new friends and us who were into more moderate climbs. According to the locals, many Koreans don’t like approaches so this crag was never too busy since the approach was about 15 mins of walking along a flat bike path and then up a hill for about 10 mins.

Our new friends projecting hard. But a beautiful large hawk circling above distracts us all.
A pumpy warmup climb. Although it was only 5-10c ; in the sun it was quite warm.
Korean countryside.

Unfortunately, in the afternoon, I managed to kick a rock into M’s cornea so we had to make a little side trip at the end of the day to the hospital to make sure it was alright.In 75 mins, M managed to get a CT scan, get checked up by the eye specialist and get the appropriate treatment and drugs. After so many years of buying travel insurance, it’s time to finally claim something!

The 2nd day, M felt much better and could mostly see again, so we went bouldering in the afternoon at an area called Nabi Bawi after a lazy morning. The boulders are smooth granite with really nice landings. I would definitely go back just to do the routes here.

The first boulder problem we encounter. A lot of the boulders here have good landings.
Our friend crushing a super crimpy V4. When I tried, I felt like my tendons would explode.
The hike up to Nabi Bawi, a popular korean hiking trail.


According to our new friends, there are quite a bit of quality climbing and bouldering around Busan and potential for lots more. Climbing and bouldering is possible year round as it rarely snows in Busan , although it gets quite humid in the summer and cold in the winter. There is a guidebook in Korean but it is much easier to go with the locals. The facebook group is very friendly, so I would suggest potential visitors to post there first.

So Busan in 36 hours, of which we spent all of it in the outdoors and then eating delicious korean food. Til next time!




Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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