Shigu & Liming, Yunnan, China

For Christmas this year, we spent 6 days in Shigu, and 2 days in Liming. Ever since I went to Shigu last May for 2 days, I had fallen in love with the small village, relax vibe, wonderful climbers and the climbing; so I was looking forward to showing M and my friends this amazing area in China.


While in Shigu we went to Rainbow Wall, Diamond Wall and The Cave. Unfortunately, due to some unknown issues with the local villagers; Squirrel wall and Morning light wall was closed. Hopefully it won’t be closed forever because the routes at Squirrel Wall was really fun.

Shigu. A different pace of life. Completely the opposite of living in Hong Kong.
The Cave.

In the winter time, the Shigu farmers have 2-3 months of downtime in between their crop and tobacco farming. During this time, there are a lot of pig slaughter parties with the pigs they had been raising for the past year. We got to attend the slaughtering and feasting of our drivers pigs as he had invited the whole village. While some might be grossed out by this, I thought it was very good to learn where my food came from.

For accommodation , we stayed at JustTake Guesthouse (塔克客栈)which is run by some Chinese climbers located right next door to Stone Drum House. I really enjoy staying at Just Take because they have a lovely new enclosed living room with  wood furnace and TV for the cold winter nights, the washroom is great, the people there are awesome, they cook a good meal and they know all the delicious restaurants are in Shigu.

Tiger Leaping Gorge

M and some friends also did a one day trek of Tiger Leaping Gorge. I didn’t hike it since I went last May, but here are some photos.

Old man enjoying the morning light
Tiger Leaping Gorge
Yunnan famous Haba or Jade Mountain.


We also went to Liming for 2 days as it was only a 1 hour drive from Shigu. Liming is the “Indian Creek of China”, although I have never been to Indian Creek so I am not sure if it is true or not.  When we went, it was definitely the off season to go as there was only 2 other climbers in the entire park. As our whole group were  beginner Trad climbers, we went up some easy 5.9, 5.10 classics at The Pillars and Pinecrest Buttress and did quite a bit of top roping. It was a great experience for us as none of us have truly crack climbed a continuous crack before. I now know the meaning of hand and fist jamming and ignoring the pain of my feet as I jam it up a crack.

The view from Liming Town of Dinner Wall
Worming up a Clamdigger
Red rocks. Lots of sandstone. love

I would love to have stayed in Liming for longer but it was quite cold in the shade and nighttime as well as our lack of crack climbing experience meant we were quite bruised and sore after only 2 days. Also, Liming food and accommodation pales in comparison to Shigu which is quite an issue because we are so spoiled with fresh and delicious vegetables and meat as well as comfy beds and modern toilets & showers in Shigu. However, the climbing is amazing and I will forgo these creature comforts and stay longer next time when the weather warms up again.



Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

2 thoughts on “Shigu & Liming, Yunnan, China

  1. Woah that looks a little serious for me, but the views look like they were well worth it. My girlfriend and blogging partner Niecie and I want to start rock climbing this winter. I wonder if you have any advice for a couple just starting out? I’m looking forward to your next post. Tobias – Adventure Bent

    1. Probably starting out in the local climbing gym is the best. You can take an intro course, or you can just show up to Boulder (climbs without needing ropes).

      If it’s one thing I learned, Climbing isn’t for everyone. If your partner isn’t into it, don’t force them.

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