Tasmania, Australia

Over CNY, M and I went on a weeklong trip to Australia. We spent the first several days in Tasmania.

We landed in Hobart in the early evening and set to explore the town having heard a lot about how cool Hobart is.

We checked out the MOMA museum (Museum of Modern Art) which is one of the more interesting museums I have ever been to. One tip is to keep a very open mind when looking at the artwork and to arrive early to beat the weekend crowds.

Paper Planes. This art is very tame compared to other pieces of art.

And then we drove to Freycinet National Park about 3 hours North East of Hobart. Freycinet National Park is billed as one of the prettiest parks in Australia, and it is indeed very pretty. We managed to squeeze in a hike to Wineglass bay beach before the sunset.

Wineglass bay. The sand is pretty coarse.

We spent two nights camping at the National Park. Unfortunately, our visit coincided with a public holiday in Tasmania and as we didn’t have any prior bookings, we unluckily ended up sleeping right next to these drunk Australians that partied until 4am singing Karaoke and being drunk and stupid. We left that campsite early the next morning and found a much better campsite at the Friendly’s Beach which is much more secluded and tamer. We ended up sharing our campsite with some Quebecois who were on a working holiday fruit picking in Australia; you make good money doing physical labor in Australia.

Coles Bay. The Hazards are in the background.

Visiting Tasmania wouldn’t be complete without some rock climbing. We spent a half day at White Water Wall in Freycinet National Park climbing some easy trad climbs and then another half day at Hobarts, Mt. Wellington Organ Pipes Flange Buttress climbing some sports routes.

Whitewater Wall, Freycinet
Organ Pipes, Mt Wellington, Hobart. Can you spot the climber. The rocks are quite loose.
A view of Hobart from Organ Pipes. It can get very windy and cold here but we were lucky.


My overall impression of our short stay in Tasmania. It’s pretty, but not jaw dropping like the South Island of New Zealand. Hobart is overly hyped town and there is really not much to do there. M and I agreed that while we would be keen to go back to New Zealand, we weren’t sure if we wanted to go back to Tasmania again.  Also, beer is really expensive in Australia; minimum $12 a pint! That’s more than Hong Kong!!!


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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