Grampians, Australia

From Tasmania, we flew back to Melbourne and drove 3.5 hours to Halls Gap to meet some friends at Grampians National Park for some climbing. The paid campsites were quite pricey ($28!) considering it didn’t even have showers so we found a campsite right near Halls Gap that was recommended by a climber we met in Tasmania called “Under the Trees”. It was a really pretty campsite that was quiet and clean.

We spent the first day climbing at The Gallery.

9:30am: Left Halls Gap

11:00 am Arrive at Parking Spot. Notice friends car isnt’t there. Luckily there is just enough reception for them to tell us their car is stuck and a GPS location. We find them stuck in sand and manage to tow them out with out car.

What to do with a car in the sand?

12:00pm Finally we are all at the Parking Spot

12:00-2:00pm The 45 min approach takes us 2 hours because we had trouble finding the crag.

So at 2:00pm we finally start climbing. Luckily the days a long this time of year and we climb until 7:30pm. We head back to Halls Gap on a mountain road in the dark, dodging kangaroos jumping all over the place.

The Gallery Crag. So much chalk.


The next day, we meet up again to climb at Spurt Wall which is located right next to the infamous Taipan wall. Man the routes in the Grampians are hard!


Taipan Wall in the Background.


Some fun with Pois

Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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