Bishop, California, USA

Climbing road trips are starting to becoming a yearly tradition. This year, 9 of us got together to go to USA for a one week mad adventure around Bishop, Red Rocks and Joshua Tree. I am not sure if Bishop has jinxed me, but one week before the trip I managed to have my first finger injury, straining my A2 pulley which limit any hard climbing or crimping. You might recall 2 years ago on my Bishop trip, I was recovering from a broken wrist.  I still had a lot of fun though.

Our drive to Bishop turned into a bit of an adventure. After a 13 hour flight, we left San Francisco at 11am with a pitstop in Sacramento for lunch. However, a road accident blocked the highway forcing us on an additional 3 hour detour. All in all getting to Bishop took us 12 hours of driving. It was a long ass day.

Our party of 9 in Bishop increased to a party of 16 as some new friends joined us to climb, eat and play. Over the next 3 days ( and really for the entire trip), all we did was climb, drink, and not sleep.

Day 1 in Bishop, we headed to The Buttermilks to do some bouldering. Followed by a visit to our favorite hot spring at Mammoth.

Day 1 003
Iron Man Traverse
On top peabody boulders, the mega highball
Day 1 006
View of path to hot springs


Day 2 we went to Pine Creek Canyon which has some trad and sports climbing in a beautiful setting. I had never been to this crag and was very pleasantly surprised by this place. The views is much better than Owen rivers gorge and there are some beautiful lines. This crag would be more suited for a summer spot since it was in the shade all day so it was quite chilly.

Day 2 004.jpg
View from the crag

Day 3 we spent a half day at Sad Boulders taking it easy before driving off to Las Vegas via Death Valley. It was also my first visit to the Sads and it is much quieter than Happies. The rock is just as good too!

Sad boulders
Day 3 007.JPG
Death Valley National Park. We were going to walk around more but it was scorching!

Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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