Red Rocks, Las Vegas, USA (part 2)

After climbing Epinephrine which also involved us hitching a ride with the police and Search and Rescue (the cause didn’t really have anything to do with us per say but I am not going to blog about it); we went home around midnight and crashed.

Of course, the next day happened to be M birthday so we had a full day of activity planned; so up we got at 8am to have buffet Brunch at the Wicked Spoon. I didn’t take any food photos because I was hungry and drinking 100 cups of coffee.

After brunch, what else are we going to do but Climb MORE! The rest of the gang very courteously decided to take an easy half day by going bouldering at Kraft Boulders. I am pretty sure I did more lying about than climbing but bouldering in sandstone is fun! There are so many iconic lines in Kraft boulders and all with very easy access.


Day 5 003
Our rope gun crushing
Day 5 001.jpg
The crew

One of the side effects we noted from climbing such a long route the day before in such dry weather is that all the skin under my nails seems to be pulled back and cut open. Similar to the feeling of when you accidentally cut your nails too short to the nail bed. While I was bouldering, my nails/fingers were so painful and torn up they started bleeding from inside the nail bed. Hot stuff. Naturally, I couldn’t open any pop/beer cans for the next feel days.

The half day of bouldering and “taking it easy” did not happen. We bouldered until it was dark and exhausted. But the day wasn’t over yet at it was M birthday and we were in LAS VEGAS! Exhausted as we all were; we managed to get to the strip at around 10pm. Amazingly, even though we all started out tired, the more we drank the more energy we got and we managed to stay up til past 2am. What a fun night!

Our final day in Vegas was of course more climbing and minimal sleep. Why sleep when you can climb! So up we go at 9am to go climb more. This time in Calico Canyon for some sports climbs. This is the day I really should have gone easy (with my recent finger injury) but got too obsessed with trying a steep 6c and a friends 7c and end climb climbing til nightfall , again. Naturally we end the day with In and Out burgers.


Day 6 007(1).jpg

Day 6 003.jpg

I really love Vegas.






Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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