Taipei & Long Dong, Taiwan

Last November I attempted to go to Taiwan but didn’t make it there. And by not being able to make it, I mean I literally landed at the airport but immigration would not let me in because I had bought the wrong passport. But that’s a story for another day. But anyhow, I was keen to go back to Taiwan and with the right passport with me this time; M and I spent labor day holidays climbing, eating and surfing.

First lets discuss the non-climbing…

We went surfing in Wushi Harbour in Yilan which has a big black sand beach. There is a bus that goes directly from Taipei and takes around 40 minutes. Since it was a weekday, the beach wasn’t very crowded and the surf was good. The board rentals is a pretty standard 500NT a day.

Surfboards at Wushi
Wushi surf beach

I also went biking around the city renting one of the cities many bikes and biking along the immaculate bike paths that run along Taipei rivers. At night I biked to Xindian and in the morning I biked to Danshui. Both bike routes are just one way as you can easily return the bikes at any metro station and then metro home. Each rental is 10NT per 30 mins.

Biking around the city at night
Biking in the daytime

And of course, we went to Long Dong to climb. This time around, I met some local climbers and they introduced us to the gems of the crag. And now that I can trad climb, I got to experience the beautiful cracks of Long Dong. The weather was perfect, the climbs and company was great.

A climb
Long Dong Music Hall
Long Dong

Travel tips: we chose not to rent a car. We reached Taipei to the crag (School Gate) by Uber for 1200NT. The other times, we also caught the direct bus from Taipei Main Station, but that runs the risk of not having any seats only runs at 8:50am now (since April 2018). Another method is to bus to Keelung and switch on 791 to Long Dong which is more frequent.


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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