Nam Pha Pa Yai, Bankok, Thailand

I had a work trip, so I extended it to the weekend to check out this climbing camp spot two hours north of Bangkok called Nam Pha Pa Yai. NPPY is quite nice and simple. The best thing about it is to access the main wall, you need to zipline across the river. The climber there is also fantastic, with long 30m pitches. The range of climbs is quite good, but the best routes are all 6c-7c, which was perfect for me. The main crag is shaded after 12pm, but one can go to Bat cave and climb some routes in the morning or just roast a bit.

zip line approach is the best 

There were lots of local Bangkok climbers who either made the day trip or stayed for the weekend. During off season where there are few tourists, I would think the weekdays would be very empty.

Bat cave. The routes inside are quite dirty but cool.

The camp itself is very simple and hard to get out of without a car. Most of the accommodation are tents and there is 1 treehouse and 1 mud house but they get booked pretty quickly. As the electricity is solar powered and in the outskirts, connectivity and light is limited so people tend to sleep early. There is also no hot water which isn’t a problem in the summer since it is so hot. Meals are cooked by Thai ladies and dinner is buffet style. The prices for the meals were reasonable though beer was a bit pricey.

Beach wall, the best wall at NPPY.

While I don’t mind the simple accommodation for a night or two, I did really wish the mattress in the tent was more than 1″ thick and they provided a pillow. For the sake of a weekend getaway, next time I will have to either bring a spare camping pad and pillow or rent a hotel room (and a car) elsewhere.

The campsite is pretty chill with hammocks and slacklines

Having said all that, the climbing and community is great and I would gladly go back anytime.

Logistics: Either by train or car. We got a Grab (Uber of SE Asia)to drive us in his sedan all the way to the climbing camp through potholes in pitch black jungle road and all. I felt bad for the driver, I don’t think he would be doing that again. (1500 baht). On the way back, we managed to grab a ride with the local Thai climbers back to Bangkok.


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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