This summer we planned a rather last minute road trip around Switzerland to try out some Alpine rock climbing because I dreamed of high mountains, cheese and cows with bells. We had planned to do some “plasir” (easy) multipitches and as usual our originally planned solo couple trips became a big group road trip.

Day 1. We flew to Milan and drove to Cadarese, Italy to see the crack climbing there. But we were all pretty jet lagged so left early, had pizza and drove into Saas Grund, Switzerland.

Day 2. We woke up early in the morning and took the ski lift up Saas Grund to climb Jagihorn. The approach was almost 1.5h long but the view was amazing. We chose the route Panorama because there was a huge queue for the easier climb, Alpendurst.

We managed to climb all 12 pitches in 3.5 hours.

Day 3. We drove up to Hintisberg. Somehow we ended up on a 6c multipitch called Hasta La Vista. It was hard and sandbagged. The views were beautiful though and it was great.

Day 4. Everyday becomes a shorter approach. I went with a friend to climb Sagittarius  6b+ while M went to climb the next mountain over on Fair Hands. My climb was not Plasir but instead hard steep slab climbing for 13 pitches. However we made good timing and reached the top in 4 hours. We topped out in the rain and approaching thunderstorm. Luckily the rain went the other way and we proceed to rappel my longest rappel of 11 pitches.

Day 5. We were all exhausted from multipitching. So we decided to take it easy and go to a sports crag nearby called Lammi. Then because of the impending bad weather in the region, we drove south to Ticino province where there was abundant sunshine.

Day 6. We decided to do another multipitch called La Stadera, Avegno . M and I climbed together again and we went up a 9 pitch 6c mixed sports/trad slab. It was really intense and none of the pitches were easy and the 30c weather did not help with the run-out steep slab climbing. I stepped on bolts, pulled on QuickDraw and gears but we made it to the top. A great climb but we were exhausted from the heat and difficulty.

Day 7. We were all over multipitching. We went to a nearby crag and climbed at Ponte Brolla which was a lovely north facing crag with terrific long routes. Then we drove back to Italy to enjoy a nice meal out and finally not sleep in a tent.

Day 8. We woke up quite early to head back to Cadarese to climb a few more crack climbs. The routes there are great but there are no easy routes. We then left at noon to pack up and head back to Milan to fly out; but not before an awesome meal of gelato and pizza.

Overall a great trip as the weather worked in our favor and we got lots done. Switzerland is quite expensive but with camping and cooking meals it wasn’t too bad. There are still so many mountains to climb, hopefully we will be back to the alps soon to climb more (although the Italian alps o are more appealing n the sole reason because its cheaper and the food is better).


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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