Rock Climbing while Pregnant – 2nd Trimester.

Continuing on the series.

On Climbing:After I got back from Switzerland, my 2nd trimester began. I continued climbing in my regular harness but Top Roping only until week 20 where I switched into a full body harness. I really dislike the full body harness as there is no padding and all the weight is on your ribs instead; however for the love of climbing, I dealt with it. Although I did continue climbing hard, I would choose climbs that had minimal swing and would avoid hanging/dogging on any routes because it was pretty uncomfortable.During this period I went to China twice to climb but I only top-roped. The highlight was without a doubt getting to climb on Moon Hill in Yangshuo, which is only open (legally) 1 week a year for climbers.`

Moon Hill. Not me. The swing would have been heinous.
Me TRing something at Riverside, Yangshuo.

For indoor bouldering, I eased way off and did a lot of circuits/arcing instead. However, around the 6 month mark I totally lost motivation to go because I slipped while downclimbing; freaking my friends out. Decided it wasn’t worth it.Honestly, it was a matter of listening to your body and not pushing too hard.

On weightlifting/ regular gym

After I got back from Switzerland, I stopped with most core exercises due to fear of diastis recti (abs splitting). Other than that, I maintained by regular gym trips. Towards the 6 months mark, I did switch from barbell to lighter dumbbells for squats and deadlifts just because I was getting winded too easily.Again, listen to your body. There isn’t any point in pushing yourself to the limit.

On Diet

I have had zero cravings during the pregnancy. Actually, if anything I ate less because I always felt full from being over stretched. I did increase my water intake by a lot because I was consistently thirsty.


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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