Rock Climbing while Pregnant – 3rd Trimester

I had a very short 3rd trimester…

On Climbing

My 3rd trimester started on the first week of December. Over the course of Nov-December, I went from still being able to send a 7a/6c+ to struggling up a 6a.  Honestly, it was not very enjoyable to climb by the end of December when I was already carrying 7lbs of babies and I just went out to take photos of friends and laid on a rock. My last climb as a pregnant lady was on Dec 30 on an easy slab. Afterwards, I was so over climbing I decided I would wait until giving birth.

Mid Dec, basically getting hoisted up.

On Weight lifting and excercising

By the time my 3rd trimester started, I was carrying 6-7lbs of babies already so I was already very pregnant. I continued to do easy weight and bodyweight exercises until around Christmas where I just was over everything and stopped going to the gym. I did continue walking and did a 10km hike one day,  but I was very slow and had pretty  frequent Braxton Hicks contractions if I walked too long or was thirsty.

My back was also starting to hurt just sitting at the office desk, or couch so I would frequently do body weight squats even after I stopped going to the gym. I think foam rolling also helped.

On Diet

I am pretty sure I ate even less in 3rd trimester because the babies were taking up so much of my space, I got full after 1 bite. Everyone commented how I looked gaunt; that’s because they were sucking up all my nutrients while I didn’t have an appetite.

Overall, the last trimester I was really feeling pregnant, was not motivated to exercise at all and just wanted to sit on the couch, or sleep and wait until the babies come. I had frequent braxton hicks contraction and actually I was pretty sure I was low-key depressed because I was totally missing sending season.



Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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