Singapore… Our first trip travelling with infants.

When the kids were 2 months old, there were cheap flights to Singapore and on a whim I bought tickets there for a weekend since I wanted to R&R. I wasn’t actually planning on bringing them but changed my mind later on. So at the age of 4 moths, F & Q took their first flights to Singapore. This trip turned out to be anything but R&R (rest and relaxation) but it was a great place for infants to go because its very baby friendly.

F&Q were fairly well behaved on the flight to Singapore. They got little bassinets and slept the entire way since it was a late afternoon/evening flight.

I had smartly booked a large hotel room near Chinatown with a Queen size bed and a single bed. The hotel gave me a free cot but since they hadn’t rolled yet, we just plopped them into the single bed. Being Singapore, and our first time travelling with kids, we took it real easy. We strolled around Singapore, and ate the hawker centres .

The babies loved being in a stroller and barely ate and slept for the majority of the time. We walked around for 5 hours with minimal complaints from them, although I was complaining because it was so hot.

We also went to the botanical gardens which is well worth the entrance fee.

Swam at the pool.

And ate alot. I love stingray (Sambal)

Singapore public transport is great, the pedestrian streets are very stroller friendly and everything is flat. Their taxi drivers on the other hand sucked. They were even less helpful than HK taxi drivers in that they never attempted to help us load the strollers into the trunk. Even HK taxi drivers will jump out and assist, especially when there are 2 babies involved!

Overall, a good trip but this was actually the first time we didn’t have our lovely helper with us. (Even on her day off, when she comes back home she will help us wash the bottles.) This was definitely an eye opener of how much more work twins are without a helper and how lucky we are.


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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