Now that we are parents. The only logical place to do with infants is to Vancouver so that the grandparents can see the grandkids.

This is a great setup for us because the grandparents don’t mind taking care of the kids (hopefully) while we go out to the mountains to play in the lovely Canadian summer. During this time we were in Squamish we decided it would be a great place to raise kids and hope to move back when the children are in grade school.

Coincidentally enough, we met a fellow ex-HKer who left a year prior with a young toddler in tow. He lamented that life is so different without a helper now and told us to not leave HK while the kids are still in need of one. I took those words to heart. I see a lot of my friends without helpers or even family members to help out with the child caring and I see them losing their life to their babies because in reality, you are quite tied down. For example, when my helper is off, I am quite stuck in the house and even if I do manage to go out with the babies, I am attending to their every needs and wants. I would definitely lose my identity if I was a stay at home mom doing this 24/7. I love my kids, but I enjoy being me as well. Having a helper allows me to maintain some semblance of a social life; something that would definitely not happen if I moved to Canada.

But anyways, I digress. Let’s blog about all the climbing I did in Squamish instead; we had a big crew of HK friends visiting so that was fun, although as we had family duties (which I won’t blog about for privacy) so we didn’t join them all everyday making us miss out on the camaraderie which I so enjoy, which made it feel like less of a climbing trip. Some highlights include: 6 pitches of Calculus Crack and summiting the Chief (finally!) vis St Vitus Dance, Memorial Crack to Butt lite. This was also my first foray into bouldering in Squamish and I find it ridiculous how I had never tried before. It’s so good!

I look forward to our yearly or twice yearly visit to Canada now. And I can’t wait for the kids to grow up a little bit (but not too fast!) so I can take them on our adventures.

This was our first long haul flight with the infants and likely the last time they get to sleep in a bassinet. Q slept the entire way while F was being difficult (although he was also teething). Overall, they handled the trip quite well except for the first day in Vancouver and the day back in Hong Kong where they were jet lagged and irritable. Hopefully their next long haul is manageable as well when they become lap babies.


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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