Red Rock, Las Vegas, USA

A quick 2 day getaway to Las Vegas to escape the dreary rain in Vancouver while were were visiting the grandparents during CNY. This was my 3rd visit to Red Rocks but my first exclusive bouldering trip (ever!). I have been really interested in outdoor bouldering lately and was I was hoping to climb a V6 , but I am defintely not able to do that yet without some serious projecting yet. I did send a few V5s in quick goes so that made me happy as well to see some improvement. Overall it was a great visit to see a couple of friends who joined us from California and eat american portioned foods. Red Rock is one of my favourite places to go to, so undoubtedly we will be back , and with our kids next time because the bouldering area is wonderfully children friendly.

American sized portions. 4 people could not finish 2 dishes.
Plumber’s Crack. Still scary every single time.
Chuck it. A V5 I could not do.
Oompa Lumpa. An underrated lowball V5 I managed to send.