Red Rock, Las Vegas, USA

A quick 2 day getaway to Las Vegas to escape the dreary rain in Vancouver while were were visiting the grandparents during CNY. This was my 3rd visit to Red Rocks but my first exclusive bouldering trip (ever!). I have been really interested in outdoor bouldering lately and was I was hoping to climb a … Continue reading Red Rock, Las Vegas, USA

Rusutsu, Hokkaido, Japan

I went to snowboard in Hokkaido after a 4 years hiatus with my sister. M decided red eye flights were not for him so he stayed back with the kiddos. It had been a few years since me and my sister went on a trip together so it was quite refreshing. This time we went … Continue reading Rusutsu, Hokkaido, Japan

MaShan, China Rock Climbing (馬山)

We went to MaShan, Guanxi, China for 4 days over Christmas holidays. The trip was far too short, but it was also our first climbing trip with the twins. As there isn't much information on the area, I will write a more detailed guide than usual. We only went to 3 crags, 2 of which … Continue reading MaShan, China Rock Climbing (馬山)