Life update

I guess I started this blog to keep people updated on my life in Asia, so here are my updates. 1. We got a cat. Totally awesome but unloving . 2. Parents got a cat. Totally cute but needy. 3. M is out of the picture! Jokes 🙂 he is sent to Shanghai for a […]

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Saying goodbyes in Hong Kong

As a girl with many expat friends in Hong Kong, I feel like I am constantly saying goodbyes to friends. Hong Kong is a transient place for many foreigners; a year or two, sometimes three , rarely do many expats stay for longer. I have seen many people come and go already; while it is […]

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Junk trip on a budget

This year I have had the pleasure of going on multiple junk/boat trips in Hong Kong, the last of which I organized (first birthday party in 4 years!). Junk trips cost anywhere from $300- $700 + per person, here is a little guide to keep the budget low, and the guests happy: 1. Boat. Hire […]

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