Tiger Leaping Gorge, Yunnan

4 years ago, M and I attempted to hike Tiger Leaping Gorge but unfortunately that did not happen due to heavy rain and landslides blocking the road. Finally this time my plans aligned and I found some friends willing to join me on a 4 day trip to Yunnan. (Alas, M could not). Arriving in […]

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Yangshuo, China

Yangshuo again! This time for Easter so every climbing crag was full of Hong Kong and Macau climber. Not much left to write about this place so photo essay it is!        

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Yangshuo 2016

Yangshuo again. Perhaps this can be a yearly pilgrimage trip. This time we took the train from Guangzhou E, stayed overnight and took the early morning train to the new HSR station in Yangshuo which actually wasn’t in Yangshuo but in Xingping. In Guangzhou we had a hard time catching a cab because all the […]

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Qingyuan Rock Climbing Trip #2

Skipped Halloween this year to go rock climbing. Getting drunk and squeezing into LKF is overrated when I can be in the countryside, eat good food and climb all while I would spend a lot less then getting drunk. So not much to write except to not trust the weather reports cuz they totally failed. […]

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SanQingShan 三清山, China

On September 4th, the Chinese government gave us an unexpected holiday. The 70th anniversary of the defeat of Japanese forces during WWII. That was great because I got an excuse to go on a little excursion with M to a mountain called SanQingShan in JiangXi province. I found this mountain randomly because I was thinking […]

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