Tbilisi is a lively place compared to the rest of the country. When we arrived I had no reservation to any hostel, nor did I know where any hostel was. Luckily in the old town there is free wifi. In the end we found a great hostel that looked like a giant loft/ yoga studio […]

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Sventi, Mestia

All the guidebooks said a visit to Georgia had to include a trip to Sventi province. So up we went! First we went to Zugdidi then we switched to a minibus heading for Mestia. At the minibus station, there is a tiny little booth where you buy your tickets. And since all the minibus signs […]

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From Trabzon we took the bus to Georgia, only the bus didn’t actually take us to the city and only to the border even though they advertised otherwise. The Turkish border office is quite hectic as everyone is trying the cut the line. The Georgian border office in contrast is very new and orderly. In […]

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