Esfahan, Iran

Our last stop in Iran. We took a 4.5 hour bus ride (which was only 200,000 rials per person) ¬†where we got stopped gain by police sniffer dogs. Needless to say we were pretty glum after the bus ride. We had a really hard time booking a room in Esfahan. I tried calling 4/5 of […]

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Yazd, Iran

From Shiraz we took a long¬†7 hour bus ride to Yazd. In Yazd we stayed our first night in Kohan Hotel in the old city $35USD. Not sure why it is rated so highly on Lonely Planet/ Trip Advisor because it has a smelly washroom, no working Internet and beds so old the bedsprings were […]

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Shiraz, Iran

2 years ago on our overland trip, we heard wondrous things about travelling in Iran. Alas, we did not have the opportunity to go then by we made a vow we would go there. So 2 years later, we did. Before we went, many of our coworkers , friends and family questioned our sanity for […]

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