Boracay, Philippines Again!

After last trip to Boracay where I proceeded to be sick for 3 days from the dirty waters of Bulabog Beach, I told myself I wouldn’t go back for awhile. Of course, once I got better I forgot about that promise and found cheap flights back to Boracay via Iloilo. The week before we were […]

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Boracay, Phillipines 

I never thought I would end up going to Boracay. Nothing about Boracay attracted me; too many tourists, hustlers everywhere and undoubtedly just like dreaded Patong Beach, Phuket. Well that all changed when I learned kiteboarding. Bulabog beach in Boracay is one of the premier destinations in Asia for kiteboarder sin the winter season and […]

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Tagbilaran, Bohol

On my last day in the Philippines I stayed at Tagbilaran . The hostel I stayed at is called Tr3ats and it’s really great, I recommend it to everyone. It is close to the city, has pool access, great lounging area, air con and hot water (a luxury in Philippines). The mattresses are so comfortable […]

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From Dumagete we took the ferry to Siquijor. Siquijor is a small province and a small island. When we arrived we decided to go for a walk to the neighboring waterfall, but was side tracked by a young German who had made the island his home and wanted us to give him an opinion of […]

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Oslob and Dumagete

We arrived at Oslob at around 730am to do some snorkelling with whale sharks. The whale sharks in Oslob are wild but they are attracted to the food the fisherman give them so I think they stay in Oslob long term, which is not that great. However, where else will I get to swim with […]

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Cebu and Maolboal, Philippines

For the Chinese New Year Holidays, I joined my friend H who was spending some months backpacking SE Asia in a short ramble around the Visayas of the Philippines. Our meeting point was Cebu City which at arrival and taking the taxi from the airport I encountered a fender bender on the road with two […]

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