Trabzon & Sumela Monastry

We took a 11.5 hours bus ride from Ankara to Trabzon. It seems we left Ankara the day before the anti government protests started which I suppose is a good thing. We arrived in Trabzon at 730am after a night cramped in a bus seat and minimal sleep. With no prior reservation we walked to […]

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There really wasn’t too much to do or see in Ankara. We went to Ankara only to apply for and receive M’s Kazakhstan visa. Ankara has a very orderly feel to it compared to Istanbul, probably due to the face that it’s the capital of Turkey. It didn’t seem as lively as Istanbul though. On […]

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Apologies for the long delay in posts, we have had less than optimal internet for quite a while. We are currently in Kazakhstan and WordPress is blocked. We have a work around, but posting images have been tricky… Cappadocia is probably one of the most famous places in Turkey as it is famous for its […]

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From Ayvalik we took an 8 hour bus ride to Istanbul. Istanbul is a huge city as it has a population of 14 million people. When we took the bus from the station to the hostel there were literally swarms of people pushing and stuffing themselves into the public busses (even though the same bus […]

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Missing some beach life, we took the bus to Ayvalik about 3 hours north of Izmir. Ayvalik used to be mainly inhabited by Greeks but after the Turkish independence all the Greeks moved out and the Turks moved in. It has lots of Greek architecture and influence. Ayvalik is a nice little town that is […]

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We went to Selcuk for one reason: see the famous ruins of Ephesus. We didn’t go! We realized we were totally “ruined-out” having just gone to Hierapolis/ Pammukale the day before. So instead we went to the town of Sirince¬†which is famous for its Ottoman houses. The ride to Sirince costs 3 Lira each way. […]

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Pamukkale is one of those natural wonders of the world that must be seen to be believed. After arriving in the evening we decided to go for a late dinner before retiring. Unfortunately we went to eat in the one tourist street and ultimately got bland food for a high price. Lesson learnt: Trip advisor […]

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