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Shigu & Liming, Yunnan, China

For Christmas this year, we spent 6 days in Shigu, and 2 days in Liming. Ever since I went to Shigu last May for 2 days, I had fallen in love with the small village, relax vibe, wonderful climbers and the climbing; so I was looking forward to showing M and my friends this amazing […]

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Busan, Korea

I enjoyed Korea so much after our Jeju trip, I immediately booked a flight to Busan for a weekend in December. Shortly before we were to go, I saw on “27 crags” that there was quite a bit of bouldering in Busan without needing to rent a car, so I decided to message the “Busan Climbers” […]

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Qingyuan 2017

Went to Qingyuan again, and had a good time. Some party poopers tried to scare us with the impending doom and gloom of rain, but they were the ones missing out in the end. I manage to send some old projects and find some new ones. It’s nice to go to Qingyuan once a year […]

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Vancouver & Squamish, Canada

Another quick visit to Vancouver: Ate some delicious Thanksgiving cooking made by my in-laws. Did some trad climbing, now that I have learnt how to. We totally lucked out with the weather as it was warm and sunny. We climbed at Smoke Bluffs due to ease of access and  attempted to climb the Entire Chief […]

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Jeju, South Korea

Summer is over! (For the kiddies) That means cheap flights are back on the market. This time we found some cheap weekend getaway flight for ($1000hkd) to Jeju for the first weekend of September. Jeju is nicknames (by the Koreans) as the “Hawaii of Korea”, so we will see about that. After taking to red […]

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Hiking Sharp Peak, Sai Kung (蚺蛇尖)

This summer has been usually quiet for me in terms of travel, but we have had decent weather in Hong Kong for most of July and August so it has been a treat. One of the things I did recently was hike to Sharp Peak, Sai Kung. It is my second time up and both […]

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