Now that we are parents. The only logical place to do with infants is to Vancouver so that the grandparents can see the grandkids. This is a great setup for us because the grandparents don’t mind taking care of the kids (hopefully) while we go out to the mountains to play in the lovely Canadian […]

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Rock Climbing while Pregnant – 2nd Trimester.

Continuing on the series. On Climbing:After I got back from Switzerland, my 2nd trimester began. I continued climbing in my regular harness but Top Roping only until week 20 where I switched into a full body harness. I really dislike the full body harness as there is no padding and all the weight is on […]

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This summer we planned a rather last minute road trip around Switzerland to try out some Alpine rock climbing because I dreamed of high mountains, cheese and cows with bells. We had planned to do some “plasir” (easy) multipitches and as usual our originally planned solo couple trips became a big group road trip. Day […]

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Nam Pha Pa Yai, Bankok, Thailand

I had a work trip, so I extended it to the weekend to check out this climbing camp spot two hours north of Bangkok called Nam Pha Pa Yai. NPPY is quite nice and simple. The best thing about it is to access the main wall, you need to zipline across the river. The climber […]

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Taipei & Long Dong, Taiwan

Last November I attempted to go to Taiwan but didn’t make it there. And by not being able to make it, I mean I literally landed at the airport but immigration would not let me in because I had bought the wrong passport. But that’s a story for another day. But anyhow, I was keen […]

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